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Who we are is a web portal managed by Antonio Torres UK Ltd, 82 St John Street, London EC1M 4JN, a company registered in England and Wales No 4719866, VAT # GB 810487932.



Philaton defines its activity as an interactive internet portal for professional stamp auctioneers. It is born and managed by a group of philatelists with commercial activity including on line auctions experience from the beginning of this sector. They also have their own stamp business and continue in permanent contact with market reality. is the domain name of a portal with economic and technical activity in different countries in the American and European Continents. The modern internet technology allows us to do so, achieving a more efficient and cost effective organization. We have our own team of software engineers and philatelic consultants to help with any matters that may rise. All programs are developed by us and constantly updated to hopefully avoid the technical imperfections.


Philatelic approach

At Philaton we understand philately is a valuable hobby and a passion. Our goal is to provide a simple, easy to use, friendly website with the latest advanced technology where dealers chosen by us organize real stamp auctions on-line; and both collectors and dealers can meet with confidence. It is 100% handled by philatelists for philatelists. We feel that as we trust our health to the doctor, or deposit our money with the good banker, you also want to feel as safe as possible with your stamp purchases to avoid unexpected disappointments.


Building a healthy community

Membership of Philaton (buyer or seller) is intended to be a privilege, and we reserve the right to terminate participation without further explanation. Our selection criteria refers to honesty, integrity and fairness, and we'll try to be strict on this subject. Philately is a favorite hobby for the stamp collector, he can't become involved in discussions, unprofessional treatments and/or disappointing situations. Even though Philaton is not directly involved or responsible in the transactions between buyers and sellers, we commit ourselves to arbitrate disputes with this in mind and, up to a proper point, protect buyer over seller, for which we encourage you to inform us any complaint to:



Our current management team at Philaton is formed exclusively by individual members in good standing with most reputable philatelic collectors and dealers associations, including American Philatelic Society (APS), Philatelic Traders Society (PTS), US Philatelic Classics Society, Collectors Club of New York (CCNY), MEPSI, AMEXFIL, among many others.

We do encourage collectors to inform us at any time about any improper behaviour or proved situation of any of our dealer members to proceed accordingly and keep our site as clean, honest and professional as can possibly be.


Contacting us

You can contact us at , your comments and suggestions are always welcome.




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