Housatonic Collectibles

Profile and Record

Company Name Housatonic Collectibles
Owner Bruce B. Hayes
Number of officers Two

Largest stock of "Danzig" in USA. Virtually complete of "German Area" VFU to 1950. Insurance approvals on collections. Knowledgeable and friendly service. NSDA and APS Member.

Services given * Internet Auctions
* Seven day "No questions asked" return policy
* Discounts for regular customers
* Customers approvals
* Country packets at substantial savings
Specialties * German area, especially Danzig
* Occupations colonies
* US 19th Century
* British Commonwealth pre 1965
Return privileges

Seven day "No questions asked" in the same package as shipped. No returns on large collections or lots unless grossly misdescribed.

Auctioneer's commissions No buyer's commissions !
Mailing charges and procedures

USA: U$. 1.50                                                      International: U$. 3.00

Adjusted for especially large or small lots

Payment methods

VISA, MC, Paypal.com, Billpoint.com, Cheque, Bank Draft, Money order, International Postal M.O, Cash from USA, Canada, G.B. and Germany only!

Other specific auctioneer's conditions

Single stamps that have images: not returnable for centering. Balances over 30 days, charged 1.5% per month. Cheques must be cleared. This may take 10-17 days in some cases!

Contact us

Bruce B. Hayes

P. O. Box 1051

Southport CT 06490


Phone: 1-203-259-7802

e-mail: beedu94@aol.com

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