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*How do I find items of my interest?

*How do I find an specific item?

*How do I bid?

*How do I know if Iím winning?

*How do I pay?

*How do I change my personal, mailing or e-mail address?

*Can I change my password?

*What does "Central Time" mean?





* How do I find items of my interest?

Click each dealer announcements on the front page and a listing of his offerings will appear. Back to top


* How do I find a specific item?

Click on one of the two ways of "Searching" (on margin). Back to top


* How do I bid?

After you have filled in the register form, a password will be automatically generated and an e-mail accepting your membership will reach you within the next few seconds or minutes.

Click on the "Submit bid" button of the specific lot that interests you and a bid form page will appear.

Fill in the highest amount you’re willing to pay. Take good care to state the correct number and be sure you’re bidding on the wanted item. Be aware that you’ll have to honor your bids (no mistaken figures can be withdrawn). Also notice it will help your bidding to insert the highest amount you’re willing to pay, because our clever bidding software process will increase actual price by U$1.- (no fractions) only, and the remaining amount will only be used in case other offers supersede your last. Back to top


*How do I know if I’m winning?

If you are an accepted Philaton member, you’ll be able to see the status of your bids, by clicking on the margin of "Bidding status"; but you can also see the status of your bids of a particular auction at the same time you're reading it by clicking "Click here for personalized list" button and after you have entered your username and password, the colors in the number of the lot will let you know if you’re winning:


You are on top.

You are the high bidder.        

Make offer.

You can bid on the lot.   


(Someone) Else is winning.   

Someone else is the high bidder.

A lot you bid had been outbid.


Besides, when your top bid has been beaten, within 5 minutes you’ll receive an e-mail stating so for you to act and, if wanted, to re-offer a higher amount .

If you are struggling with some other higher "clever bidder" once you submit your bid, clever bidding will announce you keep being underbid. Back to top


*How do I pay?

Each dealer will state in his own profile page the payment methods he accepts (bank drafts, personal checks, currencies, credit cards, and so on). Please care to read before the submission the conditions of each consignor. Bidding supposes the acceptance of both consignors and general conditions of sale. Once submitted, no regrets can be considered. Also confirm if that buyer charges or not auctioneer commissions. Back to top


* How do I change my personal, mailing or e-mail address?

Click on "Update your file" (on margin). Back to top


*Can I change my password?

Yes, you can change your password going to "Update your file" (on margin). For detailed instructions about this procedure click here. Back to top


*What does "Central Time" mean?

All our auctions are ruled by USA central time GMT -06:00. You can check our clock at the top of the left border to see what our time is at the moment you open the page. This clock is updated authomatically every minute. In any case, we are not responsible for any late introduction of bids and eventual loss of any lot purchase. Back to top







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