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Terms and Conditions for Buyers


1) Philaton is an interactive stamp site where qualified third parties (professional stamp auctioneers) offer their best material for sale at auction.

2) Bids will be processed by clever bidding software that increases all previously offered bids by U$ 1.- only -no fractions, no matter how high your new bid is. The remaining amount will be used only if further bids make it necessary.

3) No bid can be withdrawn in any case and for any reason; so please, take good care to push the submit button only when you are certain you didn’t enter a wrong amount or are not   bidding on a wrong lot. Remember you are committing yourself to honor all your bids, even those entered by mistake.

4) Bidder agrees to honor all his commitments in full and in a timely manner. Failure to do so will produce the immediate suspension of membership privileges and no further bids may be taken into consideration on all other auctions on our site. Also notice of this behavior may be made to the trade.

5) Privacy policy: the personal information you submit will be strictly confidential and will be only provided to seller in order to forward purchases. Break of this point by any other party but Philaton will be of the most serious consequences.

6) Philaton may survey the proper description, the authenticity and the fairness on every posted item. However, we are not responsible for third parties procedures. In every instance of a dispute (where parties do not reach an agreement), Philaton will arbitrate.

7) Philaton will keep all bids and bidders secret; those will not be revealed to any other member or seller in any case or reason.

8) Philaton wants to give bidders the best possible service and is eager to help everybody to reach satisfaction. Be aware that to act on your behalf, we need fluid information about every difficulty you may face with a specific seller. To fill this purpose Philaton may publish seller's feedback and references in order to help the bidder decide if a specific seller deserves or not buyer's confidence (though Philaton had already made a strict selection among seller member proposals).

9) When a lot is won, the buyer will receive a detailed invoice that must be settled within 4 days of the reception in the manner that each dealer suggests in his "Profile" page (personal check, bank draft, credit cards, or other means). Delayed payments may produce the cancellation of the sale and, at the dealer's convenience, the item may be resold.

10) "No questions asked" returns will be accepted if made within 4 days of the reception and cash refunds must be made in a timely manner by seller. Unless otherwise stated in any dealer’s profile page.


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